OMS lukket SMB 180cm

OMS lukket SMB 180cm

595,00 DKK

6 foot (1,8 meter)
Model/Varenr.: A24218005/17

OMS Large Closed Bottom SMB 6 Foot Yellow or Orange

The OMS Closed Bottom SMB is a closed bottom 6 foot (1,8 meter) surface marker made of high visibility yellow or orange airtight nylon. Inflated orally or by use of BC low pressure inflator hose.

  • "No-Lock" Inflator keeps BC hose from locking on
  • Dump/overpressure valve with manual pull cord
  • Nylon loop to aid in stowing when deflated
  • Stainless Steel "D" ring for attaching line
  • Closed bottom prevents accidental deflation
  • 6 feet long (2 meters)

Part # 24218005 Emergency Orange Divers Alert Marker ,closed 6 feet

Part # 24218007 Emergency Yellow Divers Alert Marker ,closed 6 feet