Transmitter O2 som passer til Shearwater m.fl.

Transmitter O2 som passer til Shearwater m.fl.

2.295,00 DKK

O2 clean- nemt batteriskifte

Model/Varenr.: 13004/18

This Wireless Transmitter automatically sends pressure information from your regulator to your computer so you can plan your profile and know exactly how long your gas will last in the water. Simply screw it into one of your high pressure ports on your 1st stage and pair it to your computer and during your dive it will wirelessly send your cylinder pressure to your computer to work out how long your gas will last.

Air Time Remaining
Paired with a computer the transmitter allows you to see how much gas is left in your tank like a simple pressure gauge and your computer will calculate, using your breathing rate, current depth and remaining gas, exactly how long that gas will last so you know when to shallow up.

Permanent Pairing
Unlike other transmitters you only have to pair this one once, using the serial number of each transmitter to pair with a computer you can't mix up signals from other transmitters on a busy dive boat.


Battery is user changeable and commercially available