!Santi Magic Rings

!Santi Magic Rings

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Model/Varenr.: 1094/19

Du kan brugeSANTI MAGIC RINGS ringsystemet til:

1:Brug det kun med tørhandsker med manchet, uden at du har en ring i din tørdragt.
2:Brug det som et system hvor dumonterer handsker direkte på din dragt
3:Brug det til at reparere dine manchetter selv ved vandkanten
4:Brug det til at montere en manchet på en handske uden lim
5:Brug det til at tage tørhandsker med manchet nemmere på
6:Brug det til at lave dit eget komplete ringsystem

MAGIC RINGS set is the newest and innovative system of rings and dry gloves assembly for the drysuit which provides maximum comfort for divers - before, during and after the dive. Magic Rings are a multifunctional tool, so by buying one product you receive several different great solutions.

* Brand new product on the market - oval shape of rings enables putting in a hand, even for those with big hands.
* Made of light, resistant and durable for various kinds of damage or mechanical crushing of the material. The material is flexible what improves comfort and its durability.
* Material and shape of the Magic Rings are composed in the way that you do not feel them during the dives.
* Suitable for all types of wristselas installed to sleeves of different types of drysuits.
* They are universal. They have a standard size that is well suited to both small and large hands. Smaller rings have dimensions 96mm (longer diagonal) x 78mm (shorter diagonal).