Agir Blackbird 28 vinge

Agir Blackbird 28 vinge

2.100,00 DKK 2.795,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 12345/12

Lift capacity: 28 pounds/13 kilos
The Blackbird is designed for use with a single cylinder. The outer shell is made of 1000 denier nylon-coated cordura, hardwearing and easy to keep clean and the innerbladder of 420 denier cordura also used as lifejacket fabric.

Blackbird is a very well balanced wing and an excellent choice for a basic outfit. You dive it effortlessly and it provides perfect trim both swimming and on safety- or decostops. The design itself gives great stability and prevents front tip over.

- circular bladder (donut)
- rugged and coated fabrics
- lightweight materials
- strengthened seams
- zipper left unrestricted facing the cylinder
- rubber protection under the zipper
- optional holes for optimum trim
- thick dump-cord with two knots for good grip and no snag
- OPRV (dump-valve) positioned for effective purging